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Don’t Let Your Users be the Weakest Link

It is that time of year again where shopping is at its most hectic pace.  With that comes many online purchase and deliveries.  If you are not on a formal user awareness schedule this may be a great opportunity to help your users as much as you help yourself and your company.  I always say it is easy to secure any computer as long as you have a bag of concrete.  Put it in a box and sink it in the river and the data is secure.  However when you add a user into the mix all bets are off.

Remind users to never click on links in unexpected emails.  If they didn’t order something via FedEx then don’t click on the unexpected FedEx tracking link.  And if they did order something via FedEx, refer to the shipping email from the seller to track the package.  Don’t click on random links.  Here is a link (you can click on this one) to online shopping safety.  Especially useful at this time of year.

Another great attack vector this time of year is social engineering.  Remind your users about these little tips and tricks.  Likewise just because you are giving to charity does not mean you are not a target.  Charity scams are on the rise this time of year.  Not only can users be fooled into giving their information to the wrong people, its also a time when we see a lot of folks get duped by handing over their hard earned money.  Here are some tips before you donate this year.

Don’t let the scammers take away your holiday cheer.  Educate your users.  Here is a great article to help everyone understand what to do and what not to do.

Ultimately, security awareness is most important when users are dealing with your data.  Helping their human firewall psyche and their data handling hygiene at home helps them at work.  For more information or If you have any questions about how to go about informing your users or training them what to do or what not to do, please feel free to contact  us at the link below.

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