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Engineering as a Service



On Demand Level 3 Engineering when You Need It




Engineering as a Service

Get on-demand level-3 support for your network, 24 hours a day, scheduled in small blocks of time.
For more than a decade, Teneo’s engineering team has been recognized for their superior talent, knowledge and dedication to their client’s needs.
Today, Teneo’s expertise is available on-demand without a full-day commitment. So that you use what you need, when you need it, with no over head, no benefit costs, no worries.


On Demand Expertise

More than a help desk, EaaS is expertise available on-call or in-person. The Teneo Team is scheduled when you need them, for small troubleshooting issues, for outstanding task list items, or for large project installations.
Pick from different options that fit your need. All packages are based on hours per month (as small as 10 hours) and schedule block minimums (as short as 15 minutes). Ability to roll over half of your hours to future months, so you get maximum benefit from Teneo.


Benefits of EaaS



EaaS - 10 Hour

Schedule On Demand

10 hours per month

2 hour blocks of time


EaaS - 20 Hour

Most Popular Features

20 hours per month

Schedule On Demand

30 Minute block of time

EaaS - 40 Hour

Most Flexible

40 hours per month

For Enterprise Clients

15 Minute block of time