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Service Provider & Telco Network Security

As a well-known data and network security company, there’s no client too small or too large for us to serve with distinction. This includes our region’s largest networking service providers and telecom companies. The Teneo Group provides outstanding network and data security that’s agile and adaptable while maintaining effective protection for all types of communications technologies, including LTE, NFV, SDN, and others. With Teneo as their security partner, service providers across the Mid-Atlantic have easy access to the very latest in security with up-to-the-minute protection and expert ongoing managed services. We’re service providers’ trusted source for dynamic cybersecurity and continually evolving protection.

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The Latest Security for the Latest Networks

These days, service providers must deliver the most current networks and services to remain competitive, but this presents a huge challenge when it comes to security. Just as data networks and consumer services are continually evolving, so too is the cyber threat landscape. Our telco clients need the most cutting-edge security today, tomorrow, and far into the future. At Teneo, that’s exactly what we provide. Our best-of-breed security hardware and software deliver the highest levels of security and protection now, but they’re also flexible, updatable, and scalable enough to keep pace with changes both to services and networks, as well as prevailing threats.


A Proactive Approach to Security

It’s no longer sufficient to work reactively in securing and protecting service providers’ vast, complex data and communications networks. Instead, we recognize that we must always look to the future and tailor our security efforts to known threats while anticipating emerging threats at the same time. That’s our specialty. The team at Teneo understands the many vulnerabilities unique to the latest networks, and we’re continually updating our knowledge of carrier-class systems to stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow. Our service provider clients know they can rely on us to handle their network and data security and threat prevention, so they can focus on growing their business.

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