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Cloud Security Services

The widespread adoption of cloud technology has revolutionized many industries, with greatly enhanced access to critical data and applications on-the-go. However, cloud architecture introduces a range of unique new security threats and vulnerabilities that must be handled with care. With public and private cloud systems being deployed at an ever-expanding rate, many companies have struggled to ensure their security and threat prevention efforts keeping pace. The Teneo Group offers the most cutting-edge cloud security services, helping our clients manage the complex challenges associated with keeping decentralized data and computing resources safe from intrusion and exploitation.

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Securing Public & Private Clouds

Many large companies and enterprises are creating their own private cloud environments for shared computing resources and data. Unfortunately, cloud architecture changes network traffic patterns significantly, exposing vulnerabilities that simply don’t exist with more traditional networks. With Teneo, both physical appliances and software-defined virtual environments in private clouds have the very latest in security and threat prevention. For clients opting for a public cloud option through a third-party cloud provider, we offer secure and reliable connectivity to these public cloud systems, protecting data and applications from the very latest advanced threats. Whatever the nature of the clients’ cloud implementation, Teneo is here to secure it..


Performance & Peace-of-Mind

With expert cloud security services from Teneo, clients can have it all—the many advantages to public, private, and hybrid clouds with drastically lower risk of intrusion. Moving critical business applications and data to a cloud environment makes remote access and usage easier, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of security. We’re proud to offer a level of peace-of-mind that’s rare in cloud computing by carefully customizing cloud security systems to suit each individual application perfectly. This way, our clients can focus on expanding their business instead of continual concern over the safety of their cloud-based systems and critical business data.

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