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Cloud Security Services “Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.” - Gartner

Cloud Security Services

Protecting your Cloud is vastly different from your On-Prem and you must take care to proceed with caution.

The widespread adoption of cloud technology has revolutionized many industries, with greatly enhanced access to critical data and applications on-the-go. However, cloud architecture introduces a range of unique new security threats and vulnerabilities.

Your On-Prem system had a physical presence and a single access point had a well defined security structure. Today’s cloud capabilities are always on, always changing, and always accessible from anywhere in the world. It takes an expert to make certain your IaaS, SaaS data, and Hybrid-Cloud instances are protected at all times.


Securing Your SaaSProtecting your data wherever it resides

Securing your data in any SaaS – Stop Account Takeover, Prevent Hacking, Block Malware, GAIN Visibility into Shadow IT

Phishing attacks and account takeovers remain the number one successful attack vectors for threat actors to gain access to your network. Understanding that the native and most basic protections that are built into SaaS based systems are not enough. And by advertising your MX records, it gives the threat actors an attack blueprint to test and perfect to use for the cost their own subscription.

By stopping phishing, preventing data loss, and identifying malware already on your system; Teneo helps you secure your data wherever it resides.



Securing Your IaaSSecuring Cloud Infrastructure is Different Than On-Prem

Securing your cloud infrastructure follows the same basic security principles.

However, cloud architecture changes network traffic patterns significantly, exposing vulnerabilities that simply don’t exist with more traditional networks. With Teneo, both physical appliances and software-defined virtual environments in private clouds have the very latest in security and threat prevention. For clients opting for a public cloud option through a third-party cloud provider, we offer secure and reliable connectivity to these public cloud systems, protecting data and applications from the very latest advanced threats. Support of private cloud or hybrid cloud support content Ex: VMware NSX, HyperV, etc.

Teneo works with their clients to find the best way to secure your environment – regardless of your cloud provider or hybrid cloud solutions designs.


Continuous ComplianceEnhanced Cloud-Native Security - control , compliance, and full visibility

Infrastructure On-Demand – Demands Security On-Demand. When your infrastructure can scale almost infinitely in the blink of an eye, compliance isn’t enough. Your security has to be designed to keep pace with this scale. When a server can be ‘spun up’ in minutes and has a lifespan of days or hours, continuous compliance is what is required.

In the cloud, an exposure is a single API misconfiguration away. These changes can go undetected by traditional network firewalls and leave you exposed and at risk. Discover and evaluate your existing public cloud security posture.

Teneo has a very rich context aware threat intelligence tool, helping you to visualize your environment across clouds.

  • Prevents instances that violates your security framework
  • Capable of Detecting misconfigurations to avoid human mistakes.
  • Privilege identity protection.
  • Visualization of cloud assets, policy enforcement to protect against attacks and smart reporting.
  • Create automated compliance bots that will go in and fix and automate any violations of your compliance rules.
  • And a dashboard that shows your cloud in a way that is easy is it to understand and if you are protected.