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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Security








Optimal Transport

Software Defined WAN is a traffic cop for your data in today’s cloud environment. Your business demands improved application performance, 100% uptime, redundancy and reduced costs.

Get ridiculous visibility into your network edge – regardless of carrier or type!

We will seamlessly re-engineer your existing data transport layer so it’s more resilient and cost-effective. Offloading traffic from your network destined for the web, while Applications are prioritized and routing is performed automatically via the path with the least latency and jitter.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Cost Savings

20-30% Savings

Zero Upfront Costs

Pure OPEX Play


Improve App Performance

Cost Effective Bandwidth

100% Uptime


App Path Prioritization

Fully/Co/You Manage

Ridiculous Visibility



Secure SD-WANSecure your growing edge

SD-WAN security increases protection at the remote sites – especially those with direct Internet access – and simplifies interoperability of security and networking, as well as operation of multiple security functions, through centralized single-pane management and policy control.

SD-WAN security solutions maximize cost efficiency to simplify operations through zero-touch provisioning and automatic service chaining of security and network functions. One box to replace the clutter and reduce the points of failure.


Expertise and Service

All SD-WAN is not equal. It is the focus on your needs that’s what sets The Teneo Group apart. Guiding you through the entire project while protecting  the integrity and security of your network. From initial network mapping; through service integration; to becoming and ongoing resource to you.

Schedule a five minute consultation to  determine if you are a good candidate. If you are, we offer a complimentary, non-resource-intensive cost analysis and risk assessment of your networks today.


Managed SD-WAN

We know different networks require different solutions. Teneo offers managed, secure SD-WAN as a service. Take advantage of Teneo’s expertise in SD-WAN to provide security and lower your overall TCO with a turn key management option.

Proven ROI, scalability, optimized performance, standardization of remote sites, reduce points failure, consolidate appliances and 100% application uptime are only some of the benefits to SD-WAN. Let Teneo help you realize these benefits by getting started today.

Is the App Working?

If the application isn’t working your people don’t care why, they only care how you are going to fix it.

If you are still relying on a system that doesn’t prioritize the traffic in a way that is truly a priority to your business. Then your network is part of the problem. It can become a disruption to your operations and to your customers. The company is losing money.

What today’s  apps require, especially SaaS, is connectivity, security, agility, visibility, control, performance, and operation efficiency.

Are more of your applications in the cloud?

What happens when your application is down?

Is cost savings and uptime valuable?

Is your infrastructure built on yesterday’s tech? (MPLS/VPLS/point-to-point/Single Use VPN?)

Need  expertise to implement SD-WAN?

Optimized Transport Services

Trust The Teneo Group to secure your network

AND get all the benefits of a Software Defined WAN.

Schedule your five minute consultation with The Teneo Group by clicking below.