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Next-Generation Threat Prevention & Network Monitoring

In the past, enhancing a company’s network and data security would mean adding layers of complexity and administrative difficulty to the system that could seriously harm efficiency and effectiveness. Now, The Teneo Group is able to provide Next-Generation Threat Prevention, delivering powerful, multi-layered security with integrated controls that simplify management, reduce complexity, and supercharge operational efficiency. We make it easy for clients to expand their security and threat prevention without over-complicating their infrastructure, software, and administrative procedures. The advantages are clear: better performance and enhanced threat prevention with more productivity—all while devoting fewer resources to deployment, management, and oversight.

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Strong Defense without the Complexity

Teneo enables our clients to take charge of their cybersecurity. With Next-Generation Threat Prevention, we’re able to integrate and consolidate the monitoring and management of all security appliances and policies. Our team delivers the latest best-of-breed hardware and software systems, such as next-generation firewalls, that reduce redundancy with unified control and oversight. This means that our clients’ security administrators can do more with less, maximizing their budgets while gaining premier levels of security for their networks and their data. With Next-Generation Threat Prevention, systems are precisely tailored to each unique network while remaining flexible enough to grow and adapt to changes in future intrusion prevention.

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Intrusion Prevention - Greater Efficiency, Reduced Costs

By bringing together the monitoring and administration of network security appliances and software, Next-Generation Threat Prevention delivers greater security along with greater efficiency. Now, our clients can keep their networks secure with far fewer man-hours and reduced operational expenditures—all without sacrificing protection, management, flexibility, and reporting. This makes it possible to lower costs and streamline operations while maintaining the highest levels of security and threat prevention. In many cases, we’re able to reduce our clients’ cybersecurity expenditures by half or more. Teneo offers the best of both worlds—the most powerful and adaptive security and threat prevention with maximum productivity.