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Security for clients in the financial industry is an incredible challenge. Dealing with large sums of money in communications networks and data centers represents an irresistible target for cybercriminals, and threats are becoming more complex every day. The Teneo Group recognizes our financial clients’ critical need to stay secure, even as their data and communications infrastructure is evolving to be more sophisticated. What they need is a fully integrated strategy that combines best-of-breed hardware and software with custom implementation and managed deployment for supercharged financial information security. We help financial clients with endpoint and ATM security, regulatory compliance, protection from advanced, persistent threats, and so much more.

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An Ever-Evolving Landscape

Keeping financial clients’ networks and data secure requires a coordinated effort between real-time intelligence, DDoS protection, and simultaneous multi-vector defense strategies. Staying safe from these coordinated, persistent threats also demands a forward-thinking attitude. The threat landscape in the financial industry is changing every day, and falling behind can have devastating consequences. The hardware, software, and custom strategies we provide to financial clients are designed to be effective today, as well as adaptable and scalable for tomorrow and beyond. Our goal is to deliver reliable ongoing security along with maximum peace-of-mind, so our clients can relax and focus on their core operations rather than their ever-present security threats.


Efficiency, Reliability, & Compliance

Poorly managed data and network security can cripple a financial company’s efficiency and performance while risking stiff penalties for regulatory noncompliance—even without a security breach. At Teneo, we’re proud to become each financial client’s trusted partner for best-of-breed security, from the endpoint through operations and on to the data center. We’re not here simply to sell a product and then leave. Our process starts with personal consultation and then moves to careful analysis, expert strategy development, precise deployment, and on to valuable ongoing collaboration and advisement. All of this combines with the industry’s most advanced incident identification and response to represent the premier choice in security for the financial industry.

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