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The IoT IssueIOT is expanding faster than it can be secured


The number of IoT devices is exponentially increasing on enterprise OT and IT networks, often without administrators’ awareness or knowledge of their connection, location, or specific purpose. These devices present unique challenges to discovery and risk assessment as they typically access the network without authentication or an associated user. They are highly vulnerable, often running rudimentary or minimized versions of legacy operating systems without basic client protection software. Additionally, they are commonly closed, proprietary systems with minimal or no patching capabilities to defend themselves; installation of security software or device management agents is rarely an option.


IoT/OT devices introduce vulnerabilities and blind spots in network security, significantly increasing the potential for risk due to service disruption, data theft, or compromise leading to ransomware and other attacks.


Gain visibility with what IoT devices are connecting to your network today.

Qualify for an IoT inventory

Find out what devices are currently connecting to your network.

Gain the granular visibility you need into your environment.

Address “Ghost IoT” that can inject risk into your environment.






1. Register – to receive your complete kit—cloud-managed IoT sensor and software license — to get organizations up and running within minutes, not weeks.

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2. Span your Traffic – Following zero touch provisioning and installation of the IoT sensor, device data is sent to the Cloud dashboard.

3. Receive your real-time analysis – Act upon the granular, connected device insights to drive security decisions and improve operational performance.


See. Segment. Secure.How Many Connected Devices Are On Your Network Today?

By 2025, the number of devices that connect to the internet is expected to reach 41.6 Billion.

Let us show you what is on your network today. 

Identify any critical risk.

Be confident in the security of your expanding IoT footprint.

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