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Healthcare-Industry Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry utilizes vast amounts of highly sensitive patient information that must be kept safe from all types cyberattacks. Plus, our healthcare clients must operate and secure their data in compliance with many various state and federal regulations or face harsh penalties. Securing networks and data properly for the healthcare industry is a huge challenge, requiring next-generation, best-of-breed hardware and software that’s tailored to each unique application. The Teneo Group is highly experienced at serving all types of clients in the healthcare industry, ensuring networking infrastructure and data are secured for the utmost safety, ensured compliance, and peace-of-mind.

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Securing a Range of Endpoint Systems

Healthcare facilities in our region use an array of endpoint systems and devices to access their patients’ sensitive medical data. These can include everything from old, outdated desktop computers to the latest tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Teneo is capable of providing a single, unified security and protection architecture that covers all types of computers, mobile devices, and other networked medical equipment at the same time. We can even provide managed endpoints for remote connectivity, making medical documents safe to access no matter what the location. With Teneo, every endpoint device will be secure, reliable, and regulation-compliant.


Compliance & Efficient Operation

When it comes to providing healthcare services, efficiency and precision are key. However, compliance with all relevant rules and regulations must be maintained at all times. This is a challenging and often delicate balance to maintain, but not with Teneo as your cybersecurity partner. Our team knows all the ins and outs of these medical data regulations, and we customize our best-of-breed security hardware and software to suit each unique client ideally. Plus, we don’t just sell clients our products and then leave. We’re your source for reliable ongoing support, ensuring your systems are secure, efficient, and compliant so our medical clients can focus on doing what they do best—providing excellent healthcare services.

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