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Data Center Network Security Services

All types of data centers are very attractive targets to cybercriminals, and threats are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. Keeping data centers safe from intrusion and exploitation requires a level of flexibility and innovation that can only be accomplished with the very latest best-of-breed security hardware and software. The Teneo Group specializes in data center security for clients of all sizes and types. We custom design powerful, cutting-edge network security systems that keep data centers and their incoming and outgoing traffic safe. Plus, we offer expert deployment oversight and ongoing management services, ensuring our clients’ data center security resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Protection from Active Threats

The larger the network or data center, the greater the risk of targeting by outside threats from all over the world. However, keeping even the largest data centers safe from ever-evolving attacks doesn’t have to be disastrously expensive or cripplingly inefficient. Insead, with Teneo’s data center security technologies, clients get the most advanced, up-to-the-minute threat protection that’s streamlined with powerful centralized control, monitoring, and reporting. With valuable assistance from our team, clients stay one step ahead of new and emerging security threats. We specialize in using the most current technology to secure data centers from all threats today, tomorrow, and far into the future.


More Security, Fewer Resources

In the past, maintaining strong and reliable data center security meant installing and managing multiple complicated appliances from different vendors. This took a large budget and an extensive number of man-hours to optimize. Now, Teneo offers consolidated software-based systems that drastically reduce the time and energy required for design, deployment, management, and upgrading. This means clients enjoy the most up-to-date protection with centralized, unified oversight. Our goal is to maximize each client’s security budget, helping each get the highest levels of protection at a fraction of the cost and labor requirements of old, outdated legacy data center security systems.

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