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Public & Private Cloud Security Services

The Teneo Group recognizes that “the cloud” isn’t just a fad or buzzword. It’s a powerful tool gaining broad adoption in public, private, and hybrid applications. Cloud architecture is capable of enhancing the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness of many types of businesses, large and small. However, it also presents a new and unique set of challenges when it comes to security. That’s why we’re pleased to support our clients’ clouds with a full range of public and private cloud security services, including best-of-breed hardware and software for the highest levels of protection. We offer ongoing peace of mind and cloud security that grows with any client’s company.

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The Cloud's Unique Security Demands

Part of the nature of a public cloud is the distribution of data, computing power, and security between the client and the cloud system provider. This poses a new set of security challenges, because there’s no single point of control, monitoring, and security liability. This requires next-generation threat protection and security to protect sensitive cloud-based data and applications from the threat of intrusion or exploitation. Also, private clouds possess a unique architecture and unusual traffic patterns that require new strategies to secure. Private cloud security must be agile and scalable to keep up with dynamic cloud network changes as well.


Your Trusted Cloud Security Experts

For more than a decade, clients have relied on Teneo for our expertise will all kinds of network and data security. Our experienced team has tracked the rise of public and private cloud architectures over the past few years, as well as all of the security technology that’s designed to keep them safe. We bring our diverse knowledge of cloud security to bear for every client, assessing their individual needs and challenges with their unique cloud application. Then, we recommend the ideal combination of advanced, best-of-breed hardware and software, oversee its implementation, and provide ongoing support to ensure a hassle-free experience and the latest in cloud security.

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