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Disaster Recovery Services

Even the most advanced, well-designed, and secure networks aren’t immune to the risks of disaster. These disasters can come in many forms, including virtual threats like unauthorized intrusion and widespread malware infection as well as physical threats such as fire, water damage, power outage, and many others. No matter what the size or complexity of the client’s network or the scope of their disaster, the experts at The Teneo Group have the experience and cutting-edge technology needed to get everything restored and running fast. With our disaster recovery services, we manage the entire process from start to finish to ensure our clients don’t fall behind.

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Comprehensive Recovery

When disaster strikes, our clients need to recover quickly and completely to mitigate the damage and restore their normal operations. Disaster recovery efforts that fail to restore a business’s data, infrastructure, and functionality fully and promptly are simply unacceptable for our clients in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive business environment. We recognize that our clients need comprehensive recovery, so we start by helping them define a custom backup procedure. Then, we recommend secure data backup systems that will meet their needs precisely. Laying the groundwork in the beginning will facilitate fast, complete recovery in the event our clients face a disastrous loss of data or network infrastructure.


Managing the Entire Process

Teneo’s team of network and data security experts are here to step in and assist with the disaster recovery process. We help our clients implement their backup procedures to recover lost data, and we assist in the restoration of network security hardware and software. From careful, detailed disaster recovery planning to powerful remote data backup and on to implementation and restoration, Teneo is our clients’ trusted partner in mitigating damage and loss associated with any network or data disaster.

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