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Critical Infrastructure, ICS, & SCADA Security

As critical infrastructure and large-scale control systems become more complex, advanced, and integrated, the dangers of cyberattacks also pose increasingly significant problems. Now, breaches in security can cripple power grids, water infrastructure, gas pipelines, traffic control, industrial operations, and many others. With infrastructure monitoring and control hardware distributed over large areas—as much as hundreds or thousands of square miles—powerful, reliable security and threat prevention have never been more important. The Teneo Group is a trusted adviser for customers who rely on SCADA controls. With a global footprint, we provide comprehensive, expandable security for the most challenging large-scale applications.

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Large-Scale Control in Demanding Conditions

Often, industrial processes and critical infrastructure applications involve extreme operating conditions. We have best-of-breed hardware appliances that are specifically engineered to deliver up-to-date security and scalability even in these demanding environments. Our SCADA network security systems provide the full range of threat prevention along with outstanding protocol controls, logging, and monitoring capabilities. Teneo helps clients bring the complete range of security functions and threat prevention to anything, from a single industrial facility to the most large-scale infrastructure on the East Coast. No matter what the unique demands of the infrastructure or industrial process application, we’ll keep it safe from cyberattack now and far into the future.


Sophisticated Threat Detection & Prevention

From firewalls to intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-malware software, sandboxing systems, and beyond, the Teneo team has outstanding expertise. We carefully assess each critical infrastructure, SCADA, and ICS client’s unique application needs and challenges. Then, we create a unique system and security strategy that’s carefully tailored to combine the most cutting-edge hardware with the best software for the most outstanding ongoing threat detection and prevention. Plus, we capable of advising clients on keeping their protection platforms current and up-to-date from a single point of control. With the most sophisticated, scalable threat detection and prevention, Teneo helps keep our customers’ critical infrastructure and industrial systems safe from electronic attack.

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