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Software-Defined Protection (SDP) Security

These days, cybercriminals are driving incredibly rapid innovation in gaining access to secure business networks and sensitive data. Legacy network security systems that are hardware-based simply can’t keep pace with the proliferation of new cyber security threats. Enter The Teneo Group’s cutting-edge software-defined protection (SDP) architecture. With our SDP systems, clients get an agile, adaptable modular network security infrastructure that makes it easier than ever to apply the very latest security protocols to any network. SDP allows for layered protection, excellent situational awareness, and the most rapid response to cyber threats available on the market right now.

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What is SDP, Exactly?

Saying that our network protection is “software-defined” simply means we use advanced software applications to perform functions that would previously have required hardware upgrades, effectively simulating that hardware in the form of software. Instead, our SDP hardware is a powerful, open, and scalable platform that allows us to change and update software applications rather than swapping hardware. This means we can implement enterprise-wide security changes instantly from a single point of control. Using the same basic networking hardware infrastructure, we can ensure our clients’ networks are always using the very latest in threat protection. This streamlines the updating process significantly while reducing man-hour requirements and skipping the routine purchase of new network security hardware appliances.


Multi-Layer Protection & Fast Response

Software-defined protection allows for the creation, testing, and implementation of vast, complex security systems. Teneo offers SDP systems with a three-layer composition enabling modular operation, centralized monitoring and control, powerful automation, and the highest levels of network security and threat prevention. Clients also gain real-time graphic visualization of the latest security incidents, greatly improving the incident response process. Also, SDP allows for superb control of policy updating and enforcement as well as intelligent segmentation of network elements to facilitate policy and protection management along with attack proliferation. With its unmatched control, monitoring, and updating capabilities, SDP represents an ideal network security option for almost any medium-to-large-scale business network.

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