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Network Visibility

Gigamon provides network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to solve for critical security and performance needs – freeing you to drive digital innovation.
In today’s landscape of severely constricted budgets and working with only a fraction of what’s needed to meet digital transformation goals, doing more with less despite limited resources is imperative.


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Extend the Life of Existing Tools

Reduce Traffic to Tools

Increase Team Productivity

Proactive Network Visibility

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SIMPLIFY Operations


Network growing in both speed and complexity? Gigamon helps you meet your availability and performance goals while keeping tool and network costs under control. Gain visibility and control across your infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud. Build a more agile network – that’s ready for any digital or cloud transformation initiative.


DEFEND Your Enterprise


Visibility is foundational to security – you can’t secure what you can’t see. Gigamon eliminates blind spots across your network. Detect encrypted and hidden command-and-control channels, malware activities, unauthorized data exfiltration and more, quicker. Accelerate response time and investigative cycles with contextual network and application metadata.


DE-RISK Cloud Migrations


Retain visibility and control as workloads move to virtual or public cloud environments. Extend your security posture to the public cloud by leveraging cloud-based tools to analyze VM and container traffic. Manage multi-cloud deployments with one unified visibility platform.


GET AHEAD of Network Transformation


Take your monitoring and security infrastructure ahead of your growth curve. The explosive growth in traffic volume and connected devices, especially with the onset of 5G networks, makes complete network visibility more important than ever. The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ for Service Providers improves network monitoring and security while reducing costs. Gain pervasive visibility across your physical and virtual infrastructure to support smooth transformation to NFV or SDN, or migration from 4G/LTE to 5G/CUPS.

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