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Data Backup and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services

Even with the most advanced networks, data security, and DLP technology, data loss is still a legitimate concern. Proper, up-to-date redundant backup is a critical part of an overall data security policy, helping ensure valuable information is safely set aside to be restored quickly in the event of a breach or physical loss of data via fire, flooding, or other disaster. The Teneo Group offers secure data backup services via a network of off-site repositories. We’re proud to give our clients peace of mind that their business’s data, documents, emails, and internal correspondences will be protected from the risks of devastating total loss.

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Cutting-Edge Data Backup

As our clients’ networks are continuing to grow in size and complexity, it’s critical that we offer the very latest in data backup hardware and software. Today’s most current backup platforms also include a variety additional features, ranging from snapshot management to disaster recovery, cloud support, protection for virtual machines, and even archiving capabilities. Our data backup systems are capable of handling a diverse array of data types and networking protocols found in the largest and most advanced business networks. However, we don’t just provide secure, reliable data backup systems at the enterprise level. We’re pleased to customize data-backup platforms to meet the needs of any client.


Backup for Any Size Business

At Teneo, our client base ranges from individuals and small businesses to medium-sized businesses, large companies, enterprises, government agencies, and beyond. Our best-of-breed data backup hardware and software is fully adaptable to suit any company’s network, communications, and data usage. Plus, our expert team specializes in assessing each client individually and custom-developing a data backup system that meets their unique needs. We take pride in supporting our clients from backup system development through deployment and ongoing management. This way, we ensure each client gets the highest levels of performance, reliability, and value, no matter what the size or scope of their needs.

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