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Encryption Products & Services

The Teneo Group offers a full range of encryption products and services, making us a premier information security service for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Whether it’s data on endpoint devices, such as employee laptop hard drives, or data traveling through a large, complex enterprise-level network, encryption is key to security, privacy, and regulation-compliance. Our team provides the very latest, most advanced encryption technology that’s capable of securing data from the data center through the client’s network and all the way down to the endpoint. The result is a safe, reliable system that protects our clients from the potential of costly data loss.

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How Does Encryption Work?

While the latest, best-of-breed encryption technology Teneo offers is lightyears ahead of a child’s decoder ring, the principles are the same. Basically, encryption involves scrambling data into meaningless, seemingly random text. The only way to read encrypted data is to use an encryption key to instruct the encryption software exactly how to unscramble it properly. Without the key, the data is useless, and that’s the point. By carefully controlling who has access to the encrypted data and the encryption key, our clients can take charge of their data security and avoid breaches that could have disastrous consequences.


Customized Encryption

At Teneo, we don’t just sell clients our encryption software technology and call it a day. Instead, we become each client’s valued partner for all of their data protection and network security needs. Encryption should be implemented as part of a larger comprehensive security program, and that’s where our experience shines. We take the time to analyze each client’s unique requirements and challenges before tailoring a custom encryption strategy that best meets their needs. That way, we ensure the client always receives the utmost value along with maximum performance, and we are proud to offer ongoing support to ensure each client’s long-term data security.

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