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Endpoint Network Security & Protection Services

Even the most secure network infrastructure has vulnerabilities at the endpoint devices being used to access it—desktops and laptops, mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals, and even networked printers and others. To secure their networks and their sensitive data, companies need powerful endpoint security that’s tailored to their unique network architecture and can scale with their future growth. The Teneo Group offers the very latest in powerful endpoint security for business networks large and small across the Mid-Atlantic. We keep our clients’ networks and data safe from all types of advanced threats, including viruses, worms, bots, and all other types of malware.

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An Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Cybercriminals are creating new, more advanced malware every day. Our clients’ employees and vendors are bombarded with malicious links and email attachments constantly. Something as simple as a USB flash drive can be a real threat to network and data security. This continually changing threat landscape requires powerful, complete security from the data center to every endpoint—a system that’s agile, adaptable, and scalable on a real-time basis. Teneo’s best-of-breed hardware appliances and software applications offer comprehensive security at every level of the network, all with valuable monitoring, policy control, reporting, and security event forensics.


Powerful Endpoint Security Management

The cyber security experts at Teneo design, implement, maintain, and support the very latest in total security, including all endpoints. Through secure VPNs, we give clients’ personnel remote access to key documents and network systems on-the-go. Our endpoint security systems also feature the most capable management functionality, giving admins centralized control over security policies and customizable reporting capabilities. In addition, our systems feature actionable forensics, offering a complete picture of security events and the full attack lifecycle to inform future security policies. With this level of control and insight, Teneo helps clients ensure their networks are secure down to every endpoint for reliable operation, regulation compliance, and peace-of-mind.

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