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Data Protection Services

The Teneo Group proudly offers a full range of cutting-edge products and expert services related to data protection for businesses and government agencies across the Mid-Atlantic. We serve clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and beyond. Our expert team specializes in assessing each client’s unique data protection needs and challenges before designing a custom strategy to maximize security and value. Then, we provide outstanding ongoing support and service to each client, helping ensure our data protection efforts continue to operate effectively and reliably far into the future. This gives our clients peace-of-mind, secures their critical data, and enables them to focus on growing their businesses.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Data Security Services

Robust and effective data protection programs require a combination of multiple layers of security, including encryption, data loss prevention efforts, data redundancy and backups, and others. Data must be secure at the data center level, it must be secure as it’s moving through the internal network infrastructure, and it must be secure on endpoint devices, including mobile devices with remote access. The experienced team at Teneo specializes in maintaining data security at every level for all types of companies and agencies. We customize data protection programs to be as effective as possible for each client, using our best-of-breed security hardware and software for the best ongoing results.


Loss Prevention & Compliance

When a company’s sensitive data is stolen, the financial and legal consequences can be dire. If the data isn’t backed up, they could lose valuable research, designs, and strategies to their competitors. They could also be exposed to costly litigation if they’re failing to comply with state and federal data protection regulations. A powerful, comprehensive data protection strategy is key to preventing these situations from happening. Teneo understands that the stakes are very high for our clients, so we take our data protection efforts very seriously. With our expertise and our cutting-edge products, we safeguard our clients from devastating breaches in data security.

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