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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Managed Services

Today’s businesses, enterprises, and government agencies have a huge challenge in securing their sensitive digital data while also being able to utilize it efficiently and safely. That’s the goal of data loss prevention (DLP) from The Teneo Group. With our best-of-breed DLP hardware and software, we provide an integrated strategy to keep sensitive information from leaving the safety of the client’s network environment. We also help our clients maintain compliance with all relevant regulations governing the securing handling of sensitive data, including PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance. With Teneo, clients receive an efficient, easy-to-manage way to prevent their data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Easy DLP Operation

One of the big challenges in securing sensitive data is to implement a system that’s easy and straightforward to configure, deploy, and operate. Our clients need DLP software and hardware that doesn’t require significant additional time and resources to manage, and their staff needs to be able to send emails and transfer data without being encumbered by their DLP efforts. Teneo offers full prevention along with a system that educates users about their data policies and alerts them to suspected breaches for fast action without the need to involve network administrators and security staff. Now, clients can get the most powerful DLP available in a system that keeps efficiency and productivity high.


Comprehensive Protection

While our DLP systems may be straightforward to operate and manage, they do not sacrifice in terms of power, features, and capability. These systems offer full prevention beyond simple data loss detection, with a multi-tier inspection engine that recognizes sensitive data in all forms and even pinpoints unusual communications that could lead to loss. Our systems can even inspect SSL-encrypted traffic, such as emails, efficiently before passing it along to the intended destination. With network-wide DLP coverage across all protocols and centralized policy management, there’s no business network to large or complex for a simple DLP strategy and system from Teneo.

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