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Mobile Security Services

Every day, there are more mobile devices accessing more company networks than ever before. Mobile security is an increasingly important consideration for every business, but determining exactly how to offer secure and reliable access to mobile devices can be a huge challenge. Companies need to keep their key business documents safe, but they also need to allow their personnel to access them on-the-go. The answer? Expert mobile security services from the team at The Teneo Group. We’re the Mid-Atlantic’s trusted source for powerful mobile data protection and valuable managed mobile security services, regardless of the size or type of client.

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Controlling Mobile Security Risks

Mobile devices are highly insecure by nature, both because there are so many different models and manufacturers to consider, but also because mobile users rarely take the necessary steps to secure their own devices properly. Plus, mobile users often install a bevvy of third-party apps on their smartphones and tablets that could easily contain code that’s malicious to sensitive business data and networks. Teno offers a full suite of best-of-breed security hardware and software that we are pleased to customize to any client’s unique application. Whether it’s an individual, small business, or huge enterprise—or anything in between—our team knows how to create powerful, reliable mobile access with the strongest endpoint protection available.


Proactive Threat Prevention

Teneo’s network security threat prevention protects both iOS and Android devices from the very latest in advanced mobile threats. Alongside providing complete mobile threat visibility and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, we also offer valuable proactive threat prevention that’s always forward-thinking. These days, it’s simply not enough to react to mobile threats as they appear. Instead, we must continually look to the future with our threat prevention, so we can be ready before new mobile threats arrive. The Teneo team is trusted by clients throughout our region for our expertise and our ability to predict the future of mobile security accurately.

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