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Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is all about maximum efficiency, collaboration, and the elimination of wasted resources. Rather than approaching these as three distinct efforts, they’re combined into one practice to facilitate a holistic approach and valuable information sharing. GRC also has many overlapping regulations that demand compliance, adding complexity to this process. The Teneo Group offers a unified and fully integrated GRC platform with hardware and software that’s designed specifically to maximize performance, minimize risk, and ensure ongoing regulation compliance. This leads to outstanding value, improved efficiency, and peace-of-mind for clients of all sizes and types.

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Facilitated Monitoring & Risk Management

Teneo offers our clients a real-time configuration monitoring system that continually compares network statuses with an up-to-date library of security best-practice diagnostics. The system also provides customizable reporting that clients can tailor to the unique needs of their key personnel and partners, along with real-time alerts in changes to all networking devices, security functions, and remote users. We also offer software that streamlines the risk management documentation and reporting process for facilitated analysis and management of all IT systems and security standards. With Teneo’s software solutions, monitoring and managing IT and network security has never been easier, more flexible, or more powerful.


Managed Regulatory Compliance

Because network environments are frequently in flux, it can be a challenge to ensure they’re well-configured for ongoing compliance to all relevant laws and regulations. The team at Teneo proudly offers hardware and software specifically designed to deliver continual validation. With round-the-clock security monitoring and powerful alerts on policy violations, our clients are always informed of their status regarding regulatory compliance. Our system also notifies clients of subpar configurations and security vulnerabilities in real time. Plus, our team is always available to help manage the hardware, software, and implementation to assure compliance and ensure the very best client experience is upheld.

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