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Government & Federal Institution Network Security

With the fast pace of innovation in cybercrime over the past decade, government and federal institutions both large and small are having a harder time securing their networks and their data than ever before. These clients must provide secure access to key information and applications while protecting everything from sophisticated and ever-evolving threats. The Teneo Group helps government and federal institutions secure their sensitive documents, avoid cyber espionage, safeguard critical infrastructure, and adapt to the constant change in the threat landscape. We’re proud to offer the most advanced cybersecurity with a level of value and ongoing service that’s ideal for all types of government clients.

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Secure Access to Key Documents

There are many key documents that government and federal employees must access regularly, but this creates additional vulnerabilities and opportunities for misuse. Teneo helps our government clients secure all of their key documents to prevent unintentional sharing, allowing only authorized personnel to view them, as defined by the client. We also enable federal and municipal clients to define exactly how their documents can be used by each of their personnel, adding another layer of security to document access. All of this is accomplished with the speed, reliability, and ease of use clients require to stay productive while enjoying much-needed security.


Infrastructure & Mobile Devices

Many of our government clients must also be concerned with protecting key infrastructure of all sizes and scopes from cyber threats. This requires a complete range of threat prevention technology, including next-generation firewalls, anti-malware, IPS, sandboxing, and more for the prevention and detection of outside threats. Government clients must also secure a variety of endpoint user devices, including an array of mobile devices. providing remote connectivity and document access that’s secure and reliable. No matter what the size or scope of our government clients’ cybersecurity needs, the experts at Teneo are here to provide outstanding value and customized security strategies.

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