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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the IoT

If you keep up with the tech world, you’ve likely heard the phrase “Internet of Things” thrown around at least a few times over the last couple years. Essentially, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the web which connects all things powered in part by the internet without being directly manipulated by a human. These things would include your smart TV, gaming device, health tracker, wireless home security cameras, etc. that are connected and often communicating even when you’re not involved. It’s an incredible understatement to say that the internet has taken over the globe, with more and more of our lives fueled by it. These advancements can mean huge, important things for many people and industries all over the world, and it’s fascinating to think where it can go. However, this also means that with broader capability comes broader risk of security issues. Regardless, we certainly won’t be without the IoT any time soon, as our world is quickly moving toward its widespread utilization. Since you’re likely to be hearing about this web frequently in the coming years, here are a few facts about the IoT you may haven’t realized just yet.

It’s not just in your home or business, it’s likely also in your car.

Most midrange or luxury vehicle today comes with a remote connection system, such as OnStar, BlueLink, UConnect, Sync, etc. These systems are connected to your vehicle, giving you the ability to do things like starting your car, turning on your AC, tracking your vehicle, and so on. Most car manufacturers are already honing their own path in the self-driving-car industry as well, all trying to be the one who gets this complicated technology just right. All of these functions and more are controlled by the IoT, and we’re only seeing the beginning of its influence in vehicles and on the road.

Pretty soon, your city will be “smart” as well.

By 2020, it’s expected that the IoT will have made a huge impact on the economy in cities across the country thanks to its spreading capabilities. Thought leaders like Cisco and IBM predict hyper-connected cities will have access to better water systems, improved traffic flows, lower energy usage, and an overall higher quality of life thanks to these advancements.

The IoT isn’t necessarily a sure bet.

All technology, no matter how impressive, has the ability to fail. That’s what makes our growing dependency on it (even when we’re not aware of it) kind of concerning, despite its many benefits. What we’re dealing with is computers talking to other computers without actual human judgment in the middle. That opens up a tremendous potential for data security issues like we’ve never before seen. Health data could be leaked. Vehicles can easily be manipulated. Business could be hacked. What happens when things go wrong and entire cities lose connectivity? There’s a lot to think about when rolling out technology like this to keep everyone safe and secure and the IoT evolves.

This is what’s on the horizon, and partially already here, for data security companies like The Teneo Group to be thinking about, and you can bet we’re preparing. Click to learn more about how you can better secure your IoT.



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