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Control All of Your Environment Protecting Infrastructures K-12 though Post Graduate

You should have visibility into your entire infrastructure and protect your students, on campus or at home.

Learn how we have helped guide schools from K-12 through post graduate schooling. Because whether you’re trying to comply with CIPA or NIST, you need a trusted partner to help you protect your students, your district and your environment.

A partner that helps you anticipate and avoid the attacks before they come.






Securing K-12 24x7

On-Campus or At-Home

Because, students should always be protected. 

​Protect your students from cyber bullying, stops phishing and provides a safe browsing environment. Easily and inexpensively.

Secure Your Chromebooks.


Securing Higher Education

Stop phishing attacks. 

Moving from exchange to O365 or G-Suite for mail causes 4 – 10 X increase in phishing attacks. Email phish attacks have become customized and convincing. The end user should not have to decide if an email is legitimate. 

Take back control of your architecture.

You should have the same or better control and visibility in your cloud, as you do in your Data Center. To protect your students, your staff and your insitituion.