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“I consider Teneo to be a long term strategic partner, part of the team.

With their help, we have added confidence and structure to our security environment. Today we now have a better indicator as to our security posture and a clear (although ever changing) roadmap for our hospital group.

Thank you Teneo for your transparency, excellent service and dedication.”

–Hershell A. Foster, CIO
Capital Caring


Security as a Lifestyle (SaaL)

Creating a more secure, dynamic and resilient environment. Targeting security goals, actively implementing best practices, optimizing existing technology to create dynamic evolutions of your maintenance cycles.
Your security posture matures and become more elastic over time.



Secure any SaaS

Regain control of your environment. Transparently deploy the tools you need to restore visibility into your entire architecture. Real time controls using best of breed tools that your already trust.
Gain HIPAA compliance across all of your SaaS.



Engineering as a Service (EaaS)

Level 3 on demand support that is familiar with your environment.
Schedule 30 minute blocks.
Tackle specialized engineering problems.
Troubleshoot, monitor and complete critical tasks from your list.
Expert assistance to deploy when you need it.



Mobile Devices

Securing your network starts with trusting the devices that connect to it.
We secure these devices by inspecting the Devices, Applications, the networks they connect to
While respecting the privacy of the data to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Healthcare facilities use an array of systems.
Teneo is capable of providing a single, unified security and protection architecture that covers all types of networked medical equipment. We can even provide managed endpoints for remote connectivity, making medical equipment safe to access no matter what the location.
With Teneo, every IoT device will be secure, reliable, and regulation-compliant.



SD-Wan (MPLS Layer)

Optimal Transport –

Your business demands improved app performance, 100% up me and reduced costs.
We will seamlessly re-engineer your exis ng data transport layer so it’s more resilient and cost effective. Allows applications to use only the best path available. Applica on priority and automatic routing via the path with the least latency and jitter.


Schedule Your Network Checkup

Choose From Three Network Checkups

Check Me

A Complimentary Service
A proactive assessment that identifies security risks on your network.
Based on this assessment, CheckMe instantly provides you with a detailed report that shows if your computer and network are vulnerable to ransomware, identity theft, zero day threats, bot communications, browser attack, anonymizer use and data leakage.


Security Checkup

A Complimentary Service
Expose potential risks by scheduling a Security Check Up.
It only takes one vulnerable host to infect an entire network. Yet according to Check Point research, 96 percent of the organizations we studied use at least one high-risk application.
Don’t be caught unprepared. Uncover potential risks on your enterprise network.


Security as a Lifestyle (SaaL)

Save as part of HIMSS
Schedule your first Security as a Lifestyle visit to take advantage of our HIMSS show special.
Book your visit before April 1 to save 50%.

A saving of $2,775.




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