K-12 Cyber Security Summit - The Teneo Group
The Teneo Group

Winter Cyber Security Summit

January 9 – Mt. Laurel – 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Protecting your environment from cybersecurity threats.

You are invited to a full day of learning about today’s evolving cybersecurity challenges and the innovative strategies needed to mitigate them. 


Grant Asplund

Cyber Security Evangelist

Keynote: A Better Understanding of AI, LLMs

and what happened resulting in the ‘explosion’ of AI awareness

For more than 25 years, Grant Asplund has been sharing his insights on how businesses can best protect themselves from sophisticated cyber-attacks in an increasingly complex world. As Check Point’s chief evangelist, he travels the world enthralling audiences with his passionate and relational storytelling at conferences like RSA and Next100 CIOs and numerous media interviews. Grant is the host of the CISO Secrets podcast and the Talking Cloud Podcast on Cloud security.

Aaron Pieper

Managed Detection and Response

The cybersecurity threat landscape is evolving, and organizations need advanced security solutions to keep up. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is an effective tool for protecting the enterprise. However, many organizations lack the personnel and security expertise required to effectively manage EDR internally.

Managed detection and response (MDR) provides an organization with the tools that it needs to effectively protect itself from cyber threats. organization gains access to a 24/7 security operations center (SOC) and the security expertise necessary to effectively protect the organization. MDR goes beyond simply trying to stop an ongoing attack and works to ensure that an organization will never have to worry about being impacted by the same cyberattack twice.

Maximizing with E-Rate and Infinity

Fireside Chat

Hear from peers about how they were able to maximize e-rate spend while increasing overall cybersecurity maturity.

Infinity enables organizations to prevent cyber threats, simplify security management, and boost efficiency. Infinity’s single management console centrally correlates a wide range of events across all network environments, cloud services and endpoint infrastructures, with pre-emptive threat prevention technologies blocking the most sophisticated attacks before they can inflict damage.

John Wade

Available Grants


Security Control Optimization

Tall Hall Discussion

Sal Lombardo will share an overview Security Control Optimization – one of Gartner’s “Cool” new technologies.

“Improving security posture through continuous automated assessment and optimization of security controls.” – Gartner

Open discussion and Q&A with peers and how it is being adopted in their environments.

Hands-On Training

Join Kim Kunzler, Area Manager, SSE for this BYOD hands-on session with some of the latest cybersecurity tools.

This session will show

Zero-Trust environment using Quantum SASE

Internet Security – Web Filter Rules and an example of malicious attack

Private Access

*Attendees must bring their own laptop and power cord. Or follow along to have a walk through of their latest demo environments.



10:30 – Registration

11:00 – Program Begins



Hands on Demo Days (BYOD)

4:00 – Wrap up


Westin Mt. Laurel






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