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Better Security

Missing Features from McAfee Complete EP Threat Protect

  •     NO CDR – File Scrubbing

  •     NO Anti-Phishing

  •     NO Anti-Bot

Requires Additional Cost!

  •      Sandbox – Threat Defense

  •      XDR/EDR

  •      Disc Encryption

  •      Threat Hunting

If your endpoint protection isn’t doing Anti-Phishing or File Scrubbing, what is it doing?!?

Lower TCO

Harmony endpoint offers the best TCO with a single, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Unified agent for EPP, EDR, VPN, NGAV, data and web-browsing protection to help organizations streamline processes and reduce TCO.

Full flexibility to meet your specific security and compliance requirements.

The Teneo Group five star status allows you to save more with your endpoint protections.

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Legacy Endpoint Protections Have Evolved

Having a robust Anti-Virus was a must for your endpoints in the early 00’s. But as computers have evolved, the endpoint protection hasn’t kept pace. The demands of today’s modern work force requires you to move from detection to prevention.

Adding pieces to this puzzle isn’t the answer. Using multiple bolt on solutions or multiple products adds complexity, cost and doesn’t provide the visibility you need.

And when these legacy solution companies like McAfee are bought and sold … there are hidden costs beyond the dollars and cents.

It is time to evolve your endpoint protection. Consolidate vendors, streamline your security, provide more robust preventions and lower your TCO.

Getting Value From Your Endpoint Vendor

Consolidating vendors for your endpoint just makes sense.

Having one product that can handle all of your needs with out the need for bolt-on solutions and additional costs.

Having one product for your endpoints for on-prem or on-the-go.

Having one product that provides zero-day phishing protections, VPN, threat hunting, as well as providing sandboxing, sanitizing and encrypting of files.

Streamlining your security provides ease of use for your users and IT teams while offering lowest TCO in the industry.

There is a better way!

Harmony Endpoint provides comprehensive endpoint protection at the highest security level, crucial to avoid security breaches and data compromise. A complete endpoint security solution built to protect organizations and the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape.

Complete Endpoint Protection – Indrustry’s Highest Catch Rate

Best Total Cost of Ownership – Harmony Saves 40% VS. McAfee

Options and Specifications – McAfee-Harmony-Comparison


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