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Problem: Mobility Protecting Mobile Devices on Corporate Networks

Today’s workforce is used to working anywhere on any platform. But, how do you ensure your network and data are secure while also allowing productive access for today’s array of mobile devices? Keep reading to learn how.

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Securing the Mobile Workforce of Today

How do you allow employees to be productive while working from any device, any time, anywhere? How do you keep data secure on mobile devices with secure mobile apps? How do you secure your data in the cloud while keeping it accessible to devices you don’t own or manage? These are today’s challenges, and they can seem daunting without expert help from the Teneo Group.

How Do You Solve the Problem?

Visibility is key. Once you have that picture, you can start building proviles based on risk. With these risk profiles, you can determine what level of risk you’re comfortable with, balanced with the right level of mobile productivity. It’s all about getting real-time intelligence with on-device protections. Here’s how it works:

Boosting Visibility - Mobility
Boosting Visibility

for 24/7 knowledge of the health and security of all your mobile devices.

Creating Risk Profiles - Mobility
Creating Risk Profiles

that allow you to balance your accepted risk levels with the desired productivity.

Determining Actions - Mobility
Determining Actions

based on your predetermined risk levels for each risk profile.

Ensuring Privacy - Mobility
Ensuring Privacy

and adoption for personal users while making sure they’re not hindered.

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Our ApproachTo Your Mobile Security

There are four basic tenets of mobile security: physical, malware, network, and vulnerabilities. The physical aspect has been addressed by mobile devices managers or (MDMs) or enterprise mobility managers (EMMs). With these products, you can wipe a device if lost. You can force it to have a specific profile or force it to use a passcode. That space is covered, and it’s covered quite well. But what about malware, networks, and vulnerabilities? They are largely unaddressed, or if they are addressed, you are lucky if you can report on them. However, it’s likely you cannot proactively protect the device or the data.

It all starts with visibility. The Teneo Group can show you what you can’t see today. We can help you assess your risk. We can help you mitigate your risk, and we can help you control your mobility, which is today’s Wild West in most organizations. All you have to do is click below, and we can set up a 30-day free trial.

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