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Mobile Device Security Services Protecting Mobile Devices on Corporate Networks

Today’s workforce is very productive because they are used to working from anywhere on any platform. Some of the challenges companies face today include, but are not limited to, multiple users on a device, secure storage, mobile browsing, app isolation, systems updates, app updates, Bluetooth attacks, side-loaded apps, pineapples, malicious networks, mobile device coding issues, malware on the rise, as well as undiscovered threats in new features.

Securing the Mobile Workforce of Today

Then, throw in the business pressures, starting with allowing employees to be productive by enabling them to work from any device at anytime, anywhere. There’s also the challenge of keeping data secure on mobile devices, keeping data secure on mobile devices that are not owned by corporate, securing mobile apps that make today’s workforce productive, securing sensitive data on devices that are always on and always trying to connect, and securing data that is stored in the cloud that is accessible by devices that you don’t own or manage. The last one is the biggest challenge of all. Is it even possible to secure data that is off-prem yet accessible by devices you don’t manage? It is. Keep reading.

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How Secure Are You Now?

If I were to ask you today, how many of your employees’ handheld devices contain malware, would you know? How many of them are compromised? How many compromised devices have the ability to access corporate apps or corporate resources? How many times was a compromise attempted on one of these devices? Odds are, if I asked you this question about a resource that sits behind a corporate firewall or a device such as a laptop that has corporate security on it, you could at least run a report.

The fact is, many corporations today do not have a way to know. Many corporations today have sensitive data available to employees from devices they don’t own or manage. To make things worse, handheld devices are always trying to connect to networks to be as useful to the owner as possible. At least with a laptop or desktop, when you shut it down, it’s fully off. Handheld devices are continually trying to connect, even when they are in your pocket or your purse.


Our Approach to Your Mobile Security

There are four basic tenets of mobile security: physical, malware, network, and vulnerabilities. The physical aspect has been addressed by mobile devices managers or (MDMs) or enterprise mobility managers (EMMs). With these products, you can wipe a device if lost. You can force it to have a specific profile or force it to use a passcode. That space is covered, and it’s covered quite well. But what about malware, networks, and vulnerabilities? They are largely unaddressed, or if they are addressed, you are lucky if you can report on them. However, it’s likely you cannot proactively protect the device or the data.

How do you solve the problem?

  • Boosting visibility
  • Creating risk profiles
  • Determining action based on risk levels
  • Ensuring personal privacy while making sure the user is not hindered on a personally owned device
  • Promoting the adoption rate while avoiding excessive battery-life drain

Visibility is the key. You have to know the health of your mobile devices and how often they face a threat. How many devices have malware on them? How many have vulnerabilities? How many are compromised? How many attempts have been made to compromise a device? How many devices connect to unsecured networks?

Once you have that picture, you can start to build profiles based on risk. With these risk profiles, you can determine if you should proactively block traffic to corporate resources, as opposed to tunneling it. The right answer depends on your situation and your appetite for risk versus the ability to work efficiently. To reiterate, having this information is great. However, the ability to use the information in a timely manor to thwart data loss is where the rubber meets the road. Real-time intelligence with on-device protections is where you ultimately want to be.

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