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Network Security Analysis & Reporting Our Experts Will Give Your Network a Checkup

Are you sure your company’s network is as secure as it could be? Do you ever wonder if there’s more you could be doing to protect your IT systems and your sensitive data? You’re not alone! Companies nationwide rely on the Teneo Group for detailed network security analysis services to get the full picture. It’s fast, it’s 100% free, and there’s no risk or obligation. We’re here to consult with you and help you understand your network’s security status so you can take all the right steps to maximize your threat protection.

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There’s no reason to delay! If you have any questions about the state of your network security, get in touch with us today. We’ll analyze your network’s status to identify current issues and potential future problems, and we’ll help you understand exactly what you can do about it. All you have to do is click below to get in touch with us, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

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Trusted Network Security Experts

The team at Teneo is filled with proven veterans of the cyber and network security industry, with many decades of combined experience. We know how to work alongside your network administration team to analyze your network security and deliver trusted insight. Our goal is not to come in and steal your team’s thunder or make anyone look bad. We’re here to help!. From our first conversation to our first site visit and on to every interaction after that, you’ll receive nothing but the highest levels of service and support. We’ll work to build a lasting partnership with you and your team by providing real value and customized network security solutions.


Best-of-Breed Threat Analysis Hardware

How do we give you the clearest possible picture of your network’s security status? Plus, how do we do it without getting in the way or disrupting your network? All we need is to connect our state-of-the-art network traffic analyzer from Check Point and let it collect traffic data for a few days. This advanced hardware appliance is capable of reading mirrored traffic data without affecting your network’s performance or safety.

After our analyzer collects enough information, we consider this data carefully and compile it into a detailed report showing you exactly where your network security needs to be improved. From the data center down to every endpoint, we’ll highlight all possible vulnerabilities and give you a new window into your network’s security states. You’ll come away with a new outlook on every aspect your network, data, and digital communications.

What Security Threats Are We Looking For?

When we present your network security analysis report to you, we’ll guide you through every threat we identify. Then, we’ll consult closely with you to explain all the details and help you make the right choices to maximize your security. Possible types of threats and vulnerabilities could include:

Malware & Attacks

How many computers on your network are infected with bots? How many users have downloaded known malware? Where are your software vulnerabilities at endpoint devices? By identifying these types of threats, we can see if devices on your network might be compromised, controlled remotely, and possibly used to steal data, spread spam, distribute malware, and more.

Potential Data Loss

Has your data been sent unsecurely outside of your network or to unauthorized users on your network? How well-protected is your sensitive information? We’ll show you where your data loss potentials are and help you make sure your critical information is secure and protected yet easy to access by those who need it.

High-Risk Web Access

Are users on your network accessing high-risk websites with questionable content? What about high-risk web applications like Tor, BitTorrent, and others? While there are many web applications that are essential to your productivity, they can create vulnerability that must be addressed. We’ll identify the web applications and websites being accessed from your network, rank them by risk levels, and show you how to address any potential vulnerabilities.

Let's Secure Your Network

The Teneo Group is here to help you maximize your security—it’s what we do. We exist to secure your network. There’s no risk, no obligation, and no cost. Let our experts analyze your network security for your bottom line and peace of mind. All you have to do is click below to get started!

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