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Questions asked during the webinar and submitted via email:

Q. If you have you multiple ISPs or a redundant router setup, can the Versa solutions be setup in a HA configuration?

A. Yes, The Versa solution can operate in both Active/Standby (HA) or Active/Active configurations. We recommend a Active/Active setup since the hardware is very inexpensive.

Q. Why would you do Check Point’s cloud (NSaaS) security versus vSec security?

A. Using one solution versus the other is mainly a financial and configuration preference. It is cost effective to leverage Check Point’s Cloud Security for smaller branch locations versus using vSec for larger branch offices.   NSaaS pricing is based on a per user model.  This mean once you exceed a certain number of users, then using vSec would be more cost effective.  Additionally, if you plan on growing, if you use the vSec solution the number of users are ulimited.  In the cloud there is a “true-up.”

Q. Are the logs from the Check Point cloud security service visible in SmartEvent?

A. Yes, Logs for you Check Point Cloud Security can be routed to your SmartEvent solution.

Q. What is the performance of Check Point (vSec) running on Versa?

A. The Versa appliance can be oversized at a very cheap cost, meaning there is plenty of room for Check Point vSec to operate. Hardware is inexpensive, so performance is not an issue.  There are currently no “specs” for vSec since it depends entirely on processor type, RAM and disk.

Q. I did not know Checkpoint had a cloud offering that competes with zScaler and Symantec. Why did I never hear of it?

A. I would guess that Check Point has a a lot of capabilities and a lot of different products that you may not be aware of. As a 4 star partner, we would be happy to review your entire environment through our Security as a Lifestyle program and/or a Security CheckUp. Email us for more information.

Q. Can you do inbound NATs if you run vSec on Versa?

A. The Check Point vSec solution operates like a standard Check Point gateway, it just runs virtually. Yes, you can run NATs on the vSec solution

Q. How do you connect to and manage the vSec instances? Is there anything different or special needed in order to do that?

A. The Check Point vSec instance is managed the same way that other Check Point gateways are managed. There is nothing special required to manage a vSec instance other than requiring a separate (off-vSec gateway) management server.

Q. It was mentioned a couple times that you can “collapse the stack”, what devices can you actually get rid of?

A. Typically, you can eliminate your boarder router, firewall and other Security solutions such as threat protections, IPS, AppControl and URL filtering. Versa does with it does best – which is IPSec and routing – and Check Point does what it  does best.  Security.

A. A good time to review Secure SD-WAN is during a network refresh time period or when your MPLS is about half way through its natural contract. Are you replacing your routers or modifying your WAN connections anytime soon?

Q. I am happy with our Check Point solution. We have begun to explore SD-WAN through Viptela. How do I integrate Check Point into Viptela?

A. Today, Versa is the only SD-WAN that integrates with Check Point Security.


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