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Email Security No more worrying about users clicking on malicious emails.

The hassle-free way to stop SPAM, Phishing and Ransomware from ever getting into your users inbox.

Proven solution to catch the evolving threats missed by Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), G Suite Security, as well as Secure Email Gateways (SEG) such as Proofpoint and Mimecast.

Did you ever hear this story?

You get an email from American Express saying there was a charge for $2500 to your credit card. You know it is phishing (you don’t even have an AMEX card) and you delete the email.

BUT everyone else in your organization also gets the email.

Three people click on it – including the CEO?!?

Your team spends the rest of the day trying to determine the damage?

No Risk Solution with a Free Trial

We have a tool that stops those fake emails from being delivered to the inbox.

No MX record change

No hardware

3-minute setup

Protects Office 365 and Google Workspace


Best of all, there is no risk to you with a 14-day free trial.

3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Users

Stop phishing, ransomware, and spoofing emails from ever reaching your users inbox.

  1. Three-minute setup to show you what it looks like in your environment
  2. Review the findings after a week
  3. License the product if you like it

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